Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a form of trauma healing that draws from the indigenous practices of the Krenak people from the Monas Gerais area in Brazil and the polyvagal theory. Somatic Experiencing works to regulate the nervous system when it has become dysregulated by trauma. When we experience something traumatic, parts of us get stuck in the past. These parts stay afraid or in a deep state of protection which can look like physical pain, fear, anger, shame, anxiety, depression, hypervigilance, ADHD, a sense of urgency, avoidance of anything relating to the trauma, and a myriad of other behaviors, feelings, and sensations. Our bodies hold the knowledge of the trauma and so working directly with the body and the spirit is the most effective way to release the trauma. 

in a Somatic Experiencing session, we slow everything down so that we are able to notice patterns of activation. What happens emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually when you think of the trauma? What happens after that? And then that? When we slow down, we are able to come into relationship with the parts that are stuck in the past and allow them to heal. Though each session looks different, what is consistent is a safety, nonjudgement, care, trust, and a sense of gratitude from me for allowing me to be with you as you navigate these deeply painful paths that lead to your healing. The more I work, the more I trust our innate ability to heal. 

Somatic Experiencing can be provided through talk or trauma-informed touch therapy. Touch therapy is given fully clothed on either a massage table or a chair. Touch can be a powerful way to access healing beyond words. Since babies record memory through touch, touch therapy can be a beautiful way to heal early childhood developmental trauma.